Dance Coordinator / Dance Captain

Many productions underestimate the complexity of planning and staging a scene with dancers.  From finding the right choreographer to selecting a team of professional dancers who work together regularly.  We can also cast experienced musicians to mime Latin source music.

Need Dancers, source music, band, or all of the above for that dance scene? This is exactly why CBS' "Judging Amy" hired Benjamin Rapoport for a recent episode.  In three days he secured two original Salsa songs, one from a Latin Grammy nominated album, a 9 piece band to play on camera and six professional Salsa dancers to bring their Salsa club to life.  Cheech Marin received private dance instruction along with choreography for his scene with Tyne Daly.

He worked closely with director Andy Robinson from story boarding to instructing the dancers on set. 

Note about using extra casting agencies to cast background "Dancers":
Relying on extra casting agencies to cast background dancers for Latin, Swing & Hip-Hop dance clubs, ballroom, or any other dancing that is an acquired skill, is a gamble.  Experience has proven that a majority of extras "check off" dance skills that they are not qualified to dance. This results in lost production quality and integrity.

When it comes to Salsa, Ballroom and Hip-Hop, you need professional dancers who have set experience. Please contact us for any of the following:

  • S.A.G. and Non-S.A.G. Principle Dancers and Choreographers
  • S.A.G. and Non-S.A.G. Background Dancers
  • Choreographers
  • Private and Group Dance Instruction
  • Musicians for source music background
  • Bands (unsigned)
  • Scene consultancy

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