Rapodesigns Production Services
Creating the largest Salsa Dance Event in the world

Benjamin Rapoport is the designer behind largest Latin Dance event in the world. From tents, staging, lighting, sound, video and graphics, the Annual West Coast Salsa Congress has become more then a labor of love.  It has evolved into a state of the art temporary facility that hosts the greatest Salsa Dancers and Musicians in the world.

Multi-camera directing the 2001, 2003 and 2004 West Coast Salsa Congress.  Capturing the energy of over 2000 Salsa Dancers is only the beginning. 

EVENT Designer and producer
Designing and Producing the largest Salsa Dance Congress in the world requires us to build from the ground up a Venue for over 7000 attendees. A Ballroom, Theatre, Restaurants, and the most portable dance floor ever used. Add Lighting, Sound, 8 Latin Bands, 190 Dance Teams, 40 Dance Instructors, over 1200 Students, 50 Vendors and 140 Volunteers and you may just be getting the picture.

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